U-Learn Education

U-Learn is a diversified education management company established in cooperation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, specializing in three core areas: international education programs at Chinese institutions, international exchange and US dual-diploma programs, and US college admissions counseling services. Our goal is to provide a premier, comprehensive global education service package to our clients, ultimately bridging the gap between high school, college, and career.

From small beginnings, U-Learn has evolved into one of Shanghai’s best education management companies. Over the past 10 years, we have recruited over 1,000 overseas teachers to work in our schools and we have sent more than 1,000 students abroad for high school and college studies. Every year, we have more than 100 Chinese students study abroad in exchange programs with overseas schools, especially in the US and Australia. In the last 4 years, we have also provided internships to recent US college graduates.

U-Learn runs the international education initiatives at several top ranked Chinese primary and secondary schools in Shanghai and Suzhou. U-Learn also maintains partnerships with several secondary schools in the US - such as Brandon Hall School (BHS) in Atlanta, GA and Verde Valley School (VVS) in Sedona, AZ - at which Chinese high schools students can study and receive a US high school diploma. To date, we have established dual-diploma programs at the Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School (WFLMS) IB-MYP/DP department, Shixi High School IB-DP department, and Suzhou High School Affiliated to Xi’an Jiaotong University.

Besides maintaining our dual-diploma education programs, U-Learn runs college counseling and TOEFL/SAT test preparation services at our Xujiahui office and People’s Square training center, respectively. At our headquarters on the corner of Jiaotong University, we house our recruiting, partnership development, and administrative departments.

As our company continues to expand within and outside the Chinese education market, we are always looking for opportunities to partner with high quality sources of teachers and staff members, as well as other educational institutions. We strive to align teachers, their goals and ambitions, and our schools to the best of our ability in order to ensure the most desirable classroom conditions for both teachers and students.

  • Dr. Charles Chen

    Director of Shanghai U-Learn Education Group

  • Ashley Yuan

    Project Manager for Business in America

  • Ruby Hsu

    Partnership Development and Recruitment Manager

  • Shane Wang

    Human Resource & Administration Manager

  • Twinnie Bao

    Human Resource & Administration Specialist