U-Learn Education

U-Learn education group was established in cooperation with many professors from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2004. U-Learn engages in international education and exchange for a long time and holds quality educational resources in the United States and the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, U-Learn is a comprehensive international education consulting and service institutions which integrates other high-quality education resources around the world and specializes in international academic education cooperation in the K-12 field, provides advisory and training services for IB programs, as well as the introduction and curriculum redevelopment of Chinese and American high school dual diploma programs, ESL education research. To provide comprehensive international education solutions for Chinese schools, as well as overseas study for Chinese students, especially American universities planning consulting and related examination training services.




  • Dr. Charles Chen

    Director of Shanghai U-Learn Education Group

  • Ashley Yuan

    Project Manager for Business in America

  • Ruby Hsu

    Partnership Development and Recruitment Manager

  • Shane Wang

    Human Resource & Administration Manager

  • Twinnie Bao

    Human Resource & Administration Specialist