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Shanghai Shixi High School

Shanghai Shixi High School

No. 404 Yuyuan Road Jing’an District, Shanghai, PRC 200040


Shanghai Shixi High School is located in Yuyuan Road where is in the center of the City and has quiet environment.It is also one of the first experimental and exemplary high schools designated by the Shanghai Education Commission. The school has 28 classes with 850 students now. Shanghai Shixi High School came from "Utah School" which founded in 1869, and it was officially named Shanghai Shixi High School in 1946. In 1953, it was appointed by Shanghai municipal peoples government as one of the first batch of municipal key middle schools.

In 2013, Shixi High School became an IB-DP (International Baccalaureate – Diploma Program) candidate school, and is now on its way to becoming an IB World School.

Following the idea of “student-oriented education and school-based development,” Shixi High School maintains its goal of providing quality education with distinctive characteristics, and aspires to be first-rate. In promoting the development of quality education, it keeps to the scaffolding of students’ moral characters and the refinement of their taste and manners. As a renowned school with famous teachers and strong subjects, Shixi High School strives to provide students with whatever resources they need to broaden their view and increase their exposure to expertise, implementing the interactive process of curriculum, classroom, and project, with a view to enhancing students’ abilities to learn, to grow, and to create.

Shixi High School boasts a beautiful and well-facilitated campus in the central district of Shanghai. Sports facilities include a gymnasium, a multi-function sports ground, an indoor swimming pool, table tennis rooms, and basketball and volleyball courts. Mind Plaza is an open and flexible learning space intended to stimulate different forms of teaching and learning, and thus encourages more interaction, communication, and cooperation. Students and staff have access to science laboratories, such as the Automatic Control Lab, Energy Lab, and Lego Robot Lab. Additionally, the school has set up a psychological consulting room and other dedicated classrooms, like the Static Model Society and Odyssey of the Mind. The school also provides accommodations for some students.

Shixi High School is an experimental base for the cultivation of creativity of Shanghai high school students. Shixi stresses the training of students’ abilities and sees to it that the students’ interests and innovative spirits are brought into play. The school has set up more than 50 research classes, and over 30 active student societies are in practice on campus. Most societies, like the OM Society, Robot Society, school basketball team, school band, and school chorus have repeatedly won national or city championships. Talented students are awarded the Shupin Scholarship and Tang Junyuan Scholarship.

In recent years, Shixi High School has been increasingly internationalized. Students are encouraged to broaden their vision and arouse a sense of international conscientiousness. The school has been involved in a series of International projects for education, such as the UN Population Education Project, UN Youth Reproductive Health Project, Young Master Program (YMP) – an environmental project jointly help by the Environmental Protection Agencies of China and Sweden – and “The Third I (Eye)” Design Project, initiated by the Consulate General of the Netherlands. Besides those, the school has its curriculum largely enriched by the introduction of the course “Looking Back to the History and Looking Forward to the Future,” designed conjointly in the US. A-level and AP courses were recently introduced to Shixi’s International experimental class so as to provide students with all-round internationalized education. Meanwhile, Shixi has established friendly contacts with schools in the United States, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong, all through which students from Shixi have the chance to engage in international exchanges.

Shixi High School was awarded the National Advanced Unit Award for “the creation of spiritual civilization,” and was credited by the State Education Department as the model school for “Ruling school by law.” Other city- and national-level awards have gone to Shixi, such as the Green School, National Advanced Collective of Model Education, National Advanced Unity of Physical Education, Civilized Unit of Shanghai, Shanghai Science and Technology Model School, and Shanghai Characteristic School of Art awards.

To learn more about the Shanghai Shixi High School, visit their webpage at: http://www.shixi.edu.sh.cn